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Welcome to Free Mahjong Solitaire Games, a collection of fun online mahjong tile games. You can play these games as often as you want, always free!.

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Just choose a mahjong game and start playing! You can play the games directly on the page.

The rules of mahjong solitaire (also spelled mah-jong or mahjongg) are simple:

Remove pairs of matching, unblocked tiles from the tile stack until the board is clear. "Unblocked" means no tile on the left or right.

Simple, maybe, but not always easy. A large stack comprised of dozens of mahjong tiles may take several minutes to solve, and no two stacks are ever the same. This makes mahjong tile games endlessly fascinating and challenging.

I love mahjong, so I've only included good mahjong games. I personally selected each one. These games impress me with their beauty, unusual theme, or clever design.

There are plenty of games here, and I'm sure you'll find some you enjoy.

For Variety, Try 3D Mahjong or Mahjong Connect

I constantly play mahjong tile games on my iPhone and PC, so I like variety. That's why in coming days you'll also find unusual free mahjong games here, such as:

  • 3D Mahjong. 3-dimensional cubes instead of flat tiles.

  • Mahjong Connect. Remove tiles by connecting them across the board.

  • Mahjong Slide. Match tiles by sliding them across the screen.

  • Mahjong Tower. Regular mahjong solitaire with especially tall stacks of tiles.

And when you're ready for something really different, try the Multi-Player Mahjong board game. Multi-player is still mahjong soliatire (because you play against the computer), but it's based on the original 4-player mahjong game played in China long before online mahjong tile solitaire was invented.

By the way, as you may have noticed, playing mahjong on your computer has a big advantage over playing on a smartphone. A larger screen means bigger tiles that are much easier to see!

Finding the Mahjong Games

To make it easy to find the mahjong game you want, I''ll be grouping the games by category: regular mahjong solitaire, 3D mahjong, mahjong connect, mahjong tower, and mahjong slide. There will also be 4-player mahjong games (you versus the computer) that emulate the real mahjong board game.

You can also find mahjong games by category using the buttons along the left. Or, simply enter mahjong-related keywords in the Search box.

The slideshow above displays some popular mahjong solitaire games on this site. If you see one that looks interesting, click it to go to that page.

If you have questions or feedback about a mahjong game, feel free to leave your thoughts in the Comments section at the bottom of the game page. I monitor these comments and would love to hear from you!

In necessary, you can also reach me directly through my Contact page.


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